Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 10:36:48 -0500 From: "Dennis R. Preston" Subject: Re: ADS-L guidelines, appreciation doubted I am especially enchanted by the idea that a mail list limited to professional talk could not 'remain interesting.' dInIs >On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Bapopik wrote: >> AMERICAN SPEECH has covered "-gate" words not once nor twice, but four >> times. See "Among the New Words" 53.3 Fall 1978, 54.4 Winter 1979, 56.4 >> Winter 1981, and 59.2 Summer 1984. >[...] >> Both Tim and Beverly have written or at least strongly hinted in the past >> that anyone (me) who posts etymologies is "unprofessional" and shouldn't be >>on >> ADS-L. > >Well, I enjoy the etymologies and the jokey etymologies and just about >everything about words and new coinages. But then I'm a Richard Lederer >fan and have coined many of my own words for my novels. So maybe I >"shouldn't" be on ADS-L to get those things. But the WORDS-L list, the >one I expected to have these kinds of discussions, is nothing but a chat >session made into messages; I've been monitoring that digest, and they >have lots of fun, but they seldom even discuss words at all. So this is >the only place that I see words discussed. I'm here because I'm a >logophile. I'm not sure that a mailing list can be "solely limited to >professional talk" and still remain interesting; even over on >software-testing-L (swtest-discuss), we have side sessions on test >problems and types. > >If there are guidelines that direct us only to talk about dialect >(whatever that is), maybe I ought to go over to the Web site and read them >again. I read the welcome message and didn't get this particular bit out >of it. Dennis R. Preston Department of Linguistics and Languages Michigan State University East Lansing MI 48824-1027 USA preston[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Office: (517)353-0740 Fax: (517)432-2736