Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 08:36:46 -0500 From: sonja lanehart Subject: Re: Survey help again Thanks to all who offered their help with the survey questions. We will pilot the survey today and probably make further changes. I had asked about the plausibility of the sentences because each is paired with a sentence IS plausible in some variety of American English. The object is to figure out which one is plausible. I just wanted to make sure that the sentences I gave you to inspect weren't plausible so that there should be only one choice for plausibility. For those interested, I will let you know how the survey goes once we actually dispense it for real. Again, thanks for your help. --SL ************************************************************************* Sonja L. Lanehart Department of English My office: (706) 542-2260 Park Hall ENG office/message: (706) 542-1261 University of Georgia Fax: (706) 542-2181 Athens, GA 30602-6205 E-mail: lanehart[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] *************************************************************************