Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 10:58:17 +0000 From: Jim Rader Subject: Re: doppkit The word Dopp is a trademark of the Buxton Co., a manufacturer of men's leather goods located in Chicopee, MA, a town just north of here (i.e., Springfield). Our files don't indicate when the trademark was registered, and I haven't tried to find out, but registration existed in 1982. According to the Buxton Co.'s website, the firm was founded in Springfield in 1898 by a Buxton family. Unfortunately, the site has no information on the history of the Dopp kit. The "Style" section of the Aug. 1995 issue of illustrates a Dopp kit and states in the caption that "[it was] developed by Charles Doppelt around 1919." Take this for whatever it's worth. Our cite files do not show generic use of _Dopp kit_ before the 1970's. I suppose that earlier occurrences might not have been marked by editors here because they recognized it as a trademark, though it surprises me that nothing turns up. Jim Rader