Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:34:09 -0800 From: Jack Sidnell Subject: Re: query re _want + (participle) use I haven't read your analysis in American Speech but in some varieties the construction is probably not elliptical. In Guyanese Creole you get di wiil waan ail the wheel wants oil "The wheel needs (to be oiled)(oil)." ii pant waan rob his pants want rub "His pants need to be washed." The desiderative sense of "want" is suspended with inanimate subjects. With animate subjects such constructions are ambiguous. Thus: di piknii waan sliip the child wants sleep "The child wants to sleep." "The child needs to sleep." The senses can be disambiguated by fu. di piknii waan fu sliip The child wants to sleep "The child wants to sleep." Fu is not acceptable with the nonanimate subjects *di wiil waan fu ail *di pant waan fu rob Hope this helps Jack Sidnell UCLA At 02:18 PM 1/23/98 EST, you wrote: >Dear ADS-L members: > >For an article on constructions with elliptical _want + participle_ >(e.g. the car wants washed, the car wants washing, the car doesn't want >washed; the infant wants diapered, the infant doesn't want diapered), my >colleague Tom and Murray and I would like to hear from anyone who uses >such a construction or is in an area where such a construction is in >use. > >In continuation of our work on elliptical need + p.p. (see Murray, >Frazer, Simon, _American Speech_ winter, 1996), we would also like to >hear from anyone familiar with negative need + past participle >(e.g. the car doesn't need washed, the dogs don't need fed). > >Please contact me at >simon[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >or >simon[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > >Thanks, >Beth Simon >Assistant Professor, Linguistics and English >Indiana University Purdue University >simon[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >