Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 14:07:41 -0500 From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: quote source (re eloquent but inarticulate barking) Since no one else has posted in response to the question, I'll trot out what I found in Nexis (which supports one of the three sources I'd have guessed): > The Houston Chronicle > February 10, 1995, Friday, 2 STAR Edition > >SECTION: HOUSTON; Ann Hodges; Pg. 6 > >HEADLINE: 2 PBS series expand the mind > >BYLINE: ANN HODGES, Houston Chronicle TV Critic; Staff > > BODY: > ... both words and >body language. In the end, syntax is us. > > ""However eloquently your dog may bark, he can't tell you that >his father was poor but honest,'' as Bertrand Russell said. (no specifics given as to where Russell said it) Larry