Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 12:10:39 -0400 From: Denise Cormaney Subject: (Fwd) Re: Host Opportunities for US Institutions HOST OPPORTUNITIES FOR US INSTITUTIONS THE FREEDOM SUPPORT ACT FELLOWHIPS IN CONTEMPORARY ISSUES OR THE REGIONAL SCHOLAR EXCHANGE PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Three or six-month research grants to specialists with advanced degrees, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral scholars from the NIS (emphasis will be on junior faculty) for research at institutions and organizations in the United States. *Funding for these programs is provided by the United States Information Agency* FIELDS: Freedom Support Act Fellowships in Contemporary Issues: -Sustainable Growth and Development of NIS Economies in Transition -Democratization, Human Rights and Rule of Law -Political, Military, Security and Public Policy Issues -Strengthening Civil Society -Communications Revolution and Access to Information Regional Scholar Exchange Program: 25 fields in the social sciences and humanities, with focus on the twentieth century. Most NIS participants will be junior faculty and those at the early stages of their career. GRANT PROVISIONS FOR FELLOWS: -Housing, stipend, medical insurance, and research allowance. -Round-trip transportation to and from placement city in the United States INSTITUTIONAL ELIGIBILITY: Interested institutions should: -Be located in the United States -Provide a research advisor willing to meet with the fellow and guide his/her research -Provide access to computer, e-mail, the Internet, available libraries and archives, and, where possible, office space. *US institutions wishing to host fellows may obtain the host application form directly from the IREX website at http://www/irex/org/grants/intl/hostops.htm. Deadline for Contemproary Issues host applications is February 2, 1998. Deadline for Regional Scholar Exchange Program host applications is April 2, 1998. For more information about these programs, please contact Program Officers Denise Cormaney (dcormane[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] or Kristine Kassekert (kkasseke[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] at 202-628-8188