Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 22:18:42 -0600 From: Dan Goodman Subject: Re: some simple -- I hope questions On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, Bethany K. Dumas wrote: > I'm not quite sure what the questions are. Roughly: the other person says that the sounds of American regional dialects are mostly influenced by the languages of non-Anglophone immigrants. (I'll requote the relevant part of what she says below.) My position is that this is not accurate. Is she correct, am I correct, or are we both partially correct? I'm not talking about words in the language or patterns of speech. It's the physical shaping of the sound of which I'm speaking. If those differences disappear, why is there a southern drawl and an Ozark twang. Ths country was _not_ settled primarily by English speaking peoples. The languages of those peoples can be heard in the formation of words by the peoples of the regions today. Dan Goodman dsgood[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Whatever you wish for me, may you have twice as much.