Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 18:23:59 -0500 From: Evan Morris Subject: Re: WALL STREET: Super Bowl Index; January Effect; Dead Cat Bounce At 08:20 AM 1/16/98 -0500, Bapopik wrote: >=A0=A0=A0=A0 Wall Street needs an historical dictionary. >=A0=A0=A0=A0 Maybe Random House, Merriam Webster, or Oxford University P= ress can >publish one.=A0 I mean a big, great Wall Street block that you wouldn't = want to >drop on your foot.=A0 Maybe tie the book in as a gift with a subscriptio= n to THE >WALL STREET JOURNAL or BARRON'S or FORBES or FORTUNE or BUSINESS WEEK or= THE >FINANCIAL TIMES or THE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE. >=A0=A0=A0 All these business books, all these business periodicals, all = these >investors (with money!), AND NO DICTIONARY??=A0 Oh sure, there's a book = called >WALL STREET WORDS if you want to know the meaning of "IRA."=A0 But I mea= n a >real, historical dictionary.=A0 "Bulls" and "bears" to "white knights." >Historical cartoons included.=A0 I have piles on Wall Street terms. I have a copy of something called "High Steppers, Fallen Angels and Lollipops," a book of Wall St. slang by Kathleen Odean, published by Dodd, Mead in 1988. I found it remaindered for $2.98 at Barnes & Noble a few years ago, marked = down from $17.95. Ms. Odean does list "January Effect" (dating the idea back = to 1906) but not "Super Bowl Index" or "Dead Cat Bounce," though her book is= full of neat stuff, including "Cats and Dogs."=20 >MORRIS THE CAT:=A0 I'm an etymologist, too.=A0 I cat-alog words. >POPIK:=A0 Right. >MORRIS THE CAT:=A0 I have a book! >POPIK:=A0 Sure. >MORRIS THE CAT:=A0 The MORRIS BOOK OF WORD AND PHRASE ORIGINS. >POPIK:=A0 THAT'S AN AWFUL PUN!!=A0 THAT'S IT!=A0 OUT THE WINDOW! I have a Morris the Cat for President t-shirt. --=20 Evan Morris words1[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]