Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 12:24:52 -0500 From: Alan Baragona Subject: Re: love that won't shut up In his autobiography "My Name Escapes Me," Alec Guinness talks about going to a play with gay themes and refers to (this is not an exact quotation but it's close) "The love that insists on speaking its name all the time." Whether "the love that won't shut up" is an inelegant variation on that or Guinness had that phrase in mind and polished it or the two phrases are independent I don't know. Alan Boyd Davis wrote: > > love that will not speak its name part was in last stanza of poem published > in undergrad poetry journal by Oscar Wilde's lover; currently part of the > script of Gross Indecency playing off-Broadway. The 'and now won't shut up' > part is new to me