Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 15:26:52 +0000 From: Jim Rader Subject: Re: kelly bag The earliest cite I turned up through a quick search of Nexis was New York Times, May 8, 1982, where both and are used. turns up earlier, in the Washington Post for Nov. 11, 1979. Cites are in agreement that this was a handbag sold by Hermes (grave accent on last e), the Paris-based chain of shops selling very expensive women's accessories. There seem to be various versions of how Grace Kelly's name came to be associated with the handbag. According to the Atlanta Constitution (Oct. 16, 1994), Hermes actually supplied Grace Kelly with such a handbag. Another story is that " 1956, Princess Grace (nee Kelly) of Monaco, hid one of her pregnancies behind that very bag on a cover of Life magazine" (NYT Oct. 18, 1986); the fashion-conscious then requested copies of the bag. Merriam files have a picture of one version of the bag that appeared in the New York Times magazine (Aug. 11, 1985, p. 56). Jim Rader