Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 08:59:24 -0500 From: Laurence Horn Subject: Re: Podunk This is to confirm the assertion in the initial post: >In response to Frank Abate's posting of evidence regarding Podunk-qua-place >name: >| >| Let me weigh in with some evidence on Podunk: >|... >| In CT, aside from a P River, there is a P Pond, and I have first-hand >| knowledge of a residential part of a shoreline town, Guilford (S of >| Hartford about 35 miles), which uses this name. There is a P Road in >| Guilford. > >Could you give an indication of where in Guilford? My Champion map of New >Haven County (c. 10 years old) doesn't list Podunk Road (or any other name >containing Podunk) in its index, which does list some *very* minimal looking >roads in Guilford. > >Alice Faber MY map (New Haven Citimap available from the AAA) has Podunk Road traveling north-south (and vice versa) in the eastern reaches of Guilford, extending for c. 2 1/2 miles just this side of Madison (into which it wanders at its far northern point). It doesn't make it as far south as I-95 or as far north as Route 80, but that's the area. I take the nonce spelling as "Poduck" to be a scribal error on the part of the mapmaker. --Larry