Subject: ADS-L Digest - 31 Dec 1997 to 1 Jan 1998 There are 5 messages totalling 157 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Citation for 'internot' (re: Gareth's request) (2) 2. Superior anti-words of the year (2) 3. wig out ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 14:00:03 +0200 From: John Hopkins Subject: Citation for 'internot' (re: Gareth's request) Dear All, A quick search of my hard drive produced (somewhat to my surprise) only one citation of 'internot' as I had quoted it to you (ref. Gareth's request for citations yesterday). This is the following: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Tue 16 Dec 97 12:15:20-PST From: Ken Laws THE COMPUTISTS' COMMUNIQUE (Vol. 7, No. 85, December 16, 1997) ....Gartner Group estimates that 30% of all companies internationally have not yet begun to deal with Year 2000 issues. London IT psychologist David Lewis estimates that two in five business leaders are "Internots," still in denial. As an example of the problems that "Y2K stragglers" may face, Brian Wengenroth of Booz, Allen & Hamilton cites a large oil company which recently discovered that thousands of its refinery oil valve controllers will need new chips. However, new chips don't work on the old motherboards, and the new motherboards don't fit the old valves -- so the valves have to be replaced as well. [Bronwyn Fryer, 08Dec97. Paul Milne ,, 11Dec97.] .... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, my hard drive would not have files from the print publications I had mentioned, only recent e-mailed newsletters such as the above (or other references from files in the websites I administer). I next did a quick Alta-Vista search on "internot" which produced 1285 references, of which I scanned the first 5-6 screens. Most of the references were to proper nouns (newsletter or organizational names) or to uses of the term other than those which either Gareth or I had suggested. This search also did not include any of the print publications I'd mentioned in my original note, but -- primitive search as it was -- does suggest that at least in this material the definition I'd put forward is not being used as a 'mainstream' use of 'internot'. Has anyone else run across usage of 'internot' in the sense I'd used it? Yours, JOHN ************************************************************************* John D. Hopkins University of Tampere, Finland Phone +358-3-2156116, FAX +358-3-2157200 *************************************************************************