Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 14:11:29 -0600 From: Greg Pulliam Subject: Re: Popular Ebonics >Newsweek, Jan. 13th, has two pieces in the very end of the magazine. >There is also a blurb in the "Conventional Wisdom Watch" that appears on >page six: > Ebonics <-> Goofy debate's silver lining: dissing > "black English" no longer taboo. > >So much for the articles on pp. 78-80. > >Bill King >U. of Arizona Is Newsweek being sarcastic here? Using "dissing" in this blurb? If not, I'm completely stunned. Gregory J. Pulliam Illinois Institute of Technology Lewis Department of Humanities Chicago, IL 60616 gpulliam[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]