Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 10:12:47 -0600 From: Miriam Meyers Subject: Re: cheap folks I'd actually forgotten about 'chinchy' until this discussion started on the list. It was very much part of my Atlanta dialect (40's and 50's) and referred to stingy people. >I echo Rudy's comment on 'chinchy'. I recall being "corrected" at some >point as an adult and didn't appreciate the input because the "correct- >speaker" also had a different meaning for 'chintzy' than I had for >'chinchy'. I don't recall, but he was probably a speaker of SWINE, and >I spoke lowly South Midland. 'Pinchy'/'Pinche' was also useful as a >negative epithet because it carried some other savory connotations that >called for careful use. You have to have lived in the Valley to understand >the nuances. DMLance Miriam Meyers Metropolitan State University mmeyers[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]