Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 18:16:11 -0800 From: Sylvia Swift Subject: Re: whoop(s) and woops as Beverly Flanigan keenly observed: > > (Incidentally, perhaps Sylvia Swift has her IPA vowels reversed? Thus, > /U/ should be /u/ and vice versa; and what Daddy does is /wUHp/='whip' > alternate [how do we make an upside-down V=stressed schwa here??]. > Similarly, /wh/ should be /hw/, Old English-style. guilty on both counts. left my ipa spelling in my other pants. i'm hella chagrined (and it seemed like such a safe thread!). all four have the vowel of "too" for me. i have seen the e-convention (perhaps on LINGUIST?) of writing schwa as [AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] (at/each); were daddy to whup me, i'd need that schwa to describe it. sylvia swift madonna[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]