Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 12:36:09 -0500 From: "Dennis R. Preston" Subject: Re: whoop Dale, All those pronunciations and you never got it right -- [hwup]. I have noticed that in my speech (and I am obviously a [hw] - [w] distinguisher) that I have [w] in 'exclamatory 'why' ('Why, that's a good idea') and [hw] in the 'real' one ('Why did you go there'). They are in absolute complementary distribution. Back to the topic: I have heard the [h] pronunciation of 'whooping cough,' but I can't retrieve the details. Dennis (good with [hw]-[w]; crappy with [I]-[E]) Preston >In a paper I'm working on, I discuss the pronunciation of whoop and find to >my amazement that I pronounce it three different ways depending on context. > >1.War whoop /hup/, vowel as in food > >2.They whooped it up /wUpt/, vowel as in look. > >3.She gave a whoop /wup/ as in food. > >4. whooping cough I could say all three in addition to /hUp/. > > >I'd like to find out if this is generally the case and would appreciate your >comments and personal usage. Reply to the list or to... > >Dale Coye >The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching >Princeton, NJ > >CoyeCFAT[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]