Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 19:49:20 -0500 From: Ronald Butters Subject: Re: why no right field? On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, Larry Horn wrote: > In addition to Ron's observations about the left field fence being further > back in sandlot ball (as opposed, e.g. to at Fenway Park) because of the > prevalence of right handed pull hitters, it's worth commenting in connection > with Kathleen's observation, > > >1. From my softball days, I seem to recall that > >in order to hit to left field, you had to swing late. > >This could be done deliberately, if you knew you > >could catch someone off-guard, say, or it could be > >done out of lack of ability/confidence, etc. > > that this point only holds if the batter is left-handed. A right-handed > hitter (i.e. the default value--not the NORMAL value, just the statistical > default, Ron; I hasten to add that one of my best spouses is a leftie) > would hit a ball to RIGHT on a late swing, which is why outfielders shift to > right for a fastball pitcher and/or a weak hitter, or when the batter has two > strikes and is presumed to be "protecting the plate". I suspect Ron's > derivation of 'out of left field' from 'out in left field', as the deepest > part of the park, is on the mark. Larry-- Pretty good thinking for a (putative) right-handed person! Cheers, Ron