Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 14:55:17 CDT From: Randy Roberts Subject: Re: 1920s (Jazz Age) slang It might be helpful to look at the list of books and journal articles compiled by Robert Reisner on "The Literature of Jazz: A Preliminary Bibliography." Reisner's work was published in three successive issues of the Bulletin of The New York Public Library, volume 58, numbers 3-5, March-May 1954. It contains both U.S. and foreign works. A number of the works date from the 1920s and earlier. Randy Roberts University of Missouri robertsr[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________ Subject: 1920s (Jazz Age) slang Author: American Dialect Society at internet-ext Date: 1/21/96 4:25 PM Does anyone know of a dictionary or compendium of 1920s (Jazz Age) slang? Thanks.