Date: Sat, 20 Jan 1996 17:04:15 -0800 From: Dan Moonhawk Alford Subject: Re: X come Y On Fri, 19 Jan 1996, Bethany K. Dumas wrote: > Twice recently on email lists, I have seen the construction "X come Y" > where I would have expected "X cum Y." The most recent example comes from > Anglican: "the simple Galilean handyman come preacher." When I queried > the first author about his use of "come" instead of "cum" he said that he > thought that "cum" triggered sexual connotations (ejaculate) that the > spelling "come" did not and that he used the spelling "come" for that > reason. (I think the author was a Canadian--I'll check my files to be > sure.) > > The second author (of the above example) is an Anglican priest in > Australia. I have queried him, but have not had a response yet. > > I have 2 questions: > > 1. Is this apparent Anglicization usual and customary? I don't recall > seeing it beore seeing these two examples. > > 2. Is the Anglicization widespread through the English-speaking world? or 3. Is it possible that the spelling 'come' is a tortured attempt to come to grips with a medium which by its nature does not allow us to spell 'cum' in ITALICS?!! I guess people could still do _cum_.