Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 16:03:46 -0500 From: Jesse T Sheidlower Subject: Re: go postal > > In my introduction to the English language class today we were talking > about ways to create new words. I mentioned "go postal" in the course > of the discussion. At the end of class one of my students said that > (went) postal was said in the movie "Clueless" by one of the characters. > Apparently the person who said it in the movie is the lady in an Aero- > smith video. Her name is Alisha (sp) ?stone. Anyway, I told my student > I would mention it for those who were questioning its existence. That would be Alicia Silverstone. The expression occurs twice in the script (details included for those who like such ephemera): 1994 A. Heckerling _Clueless_ (Green script revision 11/29/94, p. 11): CHER You get your report card? DIONNE O.S. Yeah, I'm toast, you'll never see me out of the house again. How'd you do? CHER God, I totally choked. My father's going to go postal on me. 1994 A. Heckerling _Clueless_ (Green script revision 11/29/94, p. 103A): CHER V.O. Like Josh thinking I was mean or something, was making me postal, which didn't improve my driving skills. Best, Jesse "Cites R Us" Sheidlower Random House Reference