Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 13:54:26 -0800 From: Dan Moonhawk Alford Subject: Re: Denny's question reformulated Out west here in Nevada and Northern California, especially San Francisco, you can add Basque restaurants to that list of group dining. > And "family style" means > you're sharing your food, instead of each ordering different > things. This can be a way of ordering in a Chinese restaurant, > or it can apply to some restaurants in the Pennsylvania Dutch > country, where you tell them how many people you have in your > group, and they show you seats, and food starts appearing--the > bill is per person, regardless of whether you personally ate the > ham, or took thirds on the fried chicken, or decided you wanted > lemonade. > > Vicki Rosenzweig > vr%acmcr.uucp[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] | rosenzweig[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > New York, NY >