Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 22:01:12 -0500 From: Virginia Clark Subject: Re: myths about language At 02:42 PM 1/15/96 -0800, you wrote: >A few years ago I had a list of myths about language that I used to begin >my semester in Intro to Ling. I had taken quite a few from the first >page of somebody's (work?)book, and made additions. Now I can't find it. > >Can you help me out? Most of these were short, such as > >Never end a sentence with a preposiiton >We acquire languaguage from out parents and caregivers only >People used to speak better English than they do now >Redundancy has no place in English >English is easier for children to learn than Chinese > >Thanks and Cheers, >Thomas L. Clark >tlc[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > Oh--*that* list. Sorry to be slow in replying. It's the second article (Harvey A. Daniels' "Nine Ideas about Languagae") in the fifth edition of _Language: Introductory Readings_, edited by Clark (me), Eschholz, and Rosa; St. Martin's , 1994. It also appeared in the fouth edition. The article is actually a chapter from Daniels' excellent book _Famous Last Words: The American Language Crisis Reconsidered_. 1983. Southern Illinois University Press. I hope that's the list you want. Virginia Clark University of Vermont