Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 15:53:58 +0000 From: "C.M.Thomas" Subject: Re: Commonly misspelled words? > As we have WOTYs, perhaps we should also have Commonly Misspelled Words (Comiswords?) > I have just been asked to supply to someone on campus a list of commonly > misspelled words> I have provided it's for its, their for there and there for > their. Can you assist? > > (I have not taught English 101 recently.) > > This is needed within 2 hours. > > Thanks, > Bethany There are numerous words which I frequently find to be misspelled. I have noticed this in official publications as well as more casual writings too, which is surprising. Among these are: colour centre organize rumour armour realize There seems to be an interesting tendency for Americans to make these misspellings. Maybe Americans are just generally bad spellers. It may be genetic. Had anybody got any other possible suggestions for why this might be? Charlotte Thomas Snail mail: CECTAL Department of English Language and Linguistics University of Sheffield Sheffield UK email: EGP95CMT[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]