Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 13:24:47 -0500 From: Kathy Burns Subject: Commonly misspelled words? Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 10:29 CST From: "Bethany Dumas, UTK" As we have WOTYs, perhaps we should also have Commonly Misspelled Words (Comiswords?) I have just been asked to supply to someone on campus a list of commonly misspelled words> I have provided it's for its, their for there and there for their. Can you assist? Thanks, Bethany Here is a list of Commonly Misspelled Words taken from the online WHRS Style Manual & Language Handbook, at, followed by a list of misspelled/properly spelled word pairs found at -Kathy Burns VII. WRHS NO-EXCUSE SPELLING LIST a lot (not alot) absence accept / except accessible accidentally accommodate acquainted acquit acquitted affect / effect all right (not alright) allot allotted already / all ready amateur ambulance among analysis apparent appearance appropriate argument basically beginning believe benefit benefited benefiting bureau business buy / by calendar campaign cannot category cemetery changeable character characteristic chief choose / chose coarse / course college coming commit commitment committed committing committee comparative compel competition conscience conscientious conscious consensus consistent convenience continuous cooperate correspondence criticism criticize deceive definite definition dependent describe description desirable despair desperate develop development different dilemma dining disappear disappoint disaster disastrous discipline doesn't dominant economical efficiency eighth eliminate embarrass environment equipped essential exaggerate excellent existence explain explanation extraordinary familiar fascinating fatal February finally forth / fourth forty friend government grammar grateful gymnasium harass hear / here height hoping humorous hypocrisy hypocrite immediately impostor incidentally inconsistent independent indispensable inevitable inoculate insistent interfere interrupt irrelevant irresistible jeopardy jeopardize judgment knowledge laboratory leisure lead / led / lead library license lieutenant lightning loneliness losing luxury maintenance maneuver marriage meant medieval mischievous misspell mortgage municipal naive naivet narrative necessary niece ninth noticeable obedient occasion occur occurred occurrence occurring omitted opinion opportunity optimism optimistic paid parallel particularly passed / past pastime performance permanent permissible persistent persistence personal / personnel picnicking planning playwright possess practically precede prefer preferable preference preferred preferring prejudice preparation prerogative prevalence privilege procedure proceed prominent pronunciation psychology publicly pursue questionnaire quite quiet receipt receive recognize recommend refer reference referral referred referring relevant reminisce repetition rhythm rhyme sacrilegious scissors seize sentence separate sergeant sheriff siege similar sincerely sophomore subtle succeed sufficient supersede suppress surprise sympathy synonym temperament than / then their / there / they're thoroughly to / too / two tournament traffic transfer transferred transferring tremendous tragedy truly unanimous unnecessary until / till (not 'til) urgent useful vacuum vengeance villain weird weather / whether which / witch woman / women writing your / you're ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 1. annoint anoint 2. cooly coolly 3. supercede supersede 4. irresistable irresistible 5. developement development 6. alright all right 7. seperate separate 8. tyrrany tyranny 9. harrass harass 10. dessicate desiccate 11. indispensible indispensable 12. recieve receive 13. persue pursue 14. reccomend recommend 15. desparate desperate 16. liquify liquefy 17. sieze seize 18. cemetary cemetery 19. subpena subpoena 20. definately definitely 21. ocassion occasion 22. concensus consensus 23. inadvertant inadvertent 24. miniscule minuscule 25. judgement judgment 26. innoculate inoculate 27. drunkeness drunkenness 28. occurence occurrence 29. disippate dissipate 30. wierd weird 31. alot a lot 32. accomodate accommodate 33. embarassment embarrassment 34. ecstacy ecstasy 35. repitition repetition 36. batallion battalion 37. dispair despair 38. irritible irritable 39. accidently accidentally 40. liason liaison 41. momento memento 42. brocolli broccoli 43. millenium millennium 44. yeild yield 45. existance existence 46. independant independent 47. sacreligious sacrilegious 48. insistant insistent 49. excede exceed 50. priviledge privilege