Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 18:21:54 +0000 From: "C.M.Thomas" Subject: Re: Commonly misspelled words? > As we have WOTYs, perhaps we should also have Commonly Misspelled Words (Comiswords?) > I have just been asked to supply to someone on campus a list of commonly > misspelled words> I have provided it's for its, their for there and there for > their. Can you assist? > > (I have not taught English 101 recently.) > > This is needed within 2 hours. > > Thanks, > Bethany How about "haven't/havn't" and "arguement/argument"? I have problems with these myself. Oh, yeah, and "definitely/definately". That one always gets me too. Charlotte Thomas Snail mail: CECTAL Department of English Language and Linguistics University of Sheffield Sheffield> S10 2TD UK email: EGP95CMT[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]