Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 13:47:16 -0700 From: Bruce Gelder Subject: Re: Oregon mist I just asked a friend of mine from Oregon if she's familiar with the term. She claims never to have heard it, although she says she's seen lots of T-shirts dealing with rain in Oregon, such as, "People in Oregon don't tan in the summer; they rust." --Bruce >With just a day or so remaining in which to clear up questions in the >DARE entries I-O, I'm wondering if anyone knows the term "Oregon rain." It >can mean a light mist, or, ironically, a prolonged rain; we also have one >citation in which it means an "Idaho rain" (a dust storm). Is anyone >familiar with any of these senses? If so, when and where? Thanks in >advance. > >Joan Hall, DARE