Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 21:54:03 -0800 From: R Mckinzey Subject: Vowels, et al My cousin just sent this and I thought y'all might get a chuckle or two out of it as well. Rima > >< >Cities of Sjlbvdnzv, Grzny to Be First Recipients > >Before an emergency joint session of Congress yesterday, President Clinton >announced US plans to deploy over 75,000 vowels to the war-torn region of >Bosnia. The deployment, the largest of its kind in American history, will >provide the region with the critically needed letters A, E, I, O, and U, and >is >hoped to render countless Bosnian names more pronounceable. > >"For six years, we have stood by while names like Ygrjvslhv and Tzlynhr and >Glrm >have been horribly butchered by millions around the world," Clinton said. >"Today, the United States must finally stand up and say 'Enough.' It is time >the people of Bosnia finally had some vowels in their incomprehensible words. >The US is proud to lead the crusade in this noble endeavor." > >The deployment, dubbed Operation Vowel Storm by the State Department, is set >for >early next week, with the Adriatic port cities of Sjlbvdnzv and Grzny slated >to >be the first recipients. Two C-130 transport planes, each carrying over 500 >24-count boxes of "E's," will fly from Andrews Air Force Base across the >Atlantic and airdrop the letters over the cities. > >Citizens of Grzny and Sjlbvdnzv eagerly await the arrival of the vowels. > >"My God, I do not think we can last another day," Trszg Grzdnijkln, 44, said. >"I have six children and none of them has a name that is understandable to me >or >to anyone else. Mr. Clinton, please send my poor, wretched family just one >'E.' >Please." > >Said Sjlbvdnzv resident Grg Hmphrs, 67: "With just a few key letters, I could >be >George Humphries. This is my dream." > >The airdrop represents the largest deployment of any letter to a foreign >country >since 1984. During the summer of that year, the US shipped 92,000 consonants >to >Ethiopia, providing cities like Ouaouoaua, Eaoiiuae, and Aao with vital, >life-giving supplies of L's S's and T's.>>>> >