Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 14:59:41 -0600 From: Miriam Meyers Subject: Re: 'old maid' Yes. I never heard it growing up in the South (Atlanta), or even on the east coast, though it may have been present in my northerly east coast homes. I learned it here (Minneapolis) from a friend whose parents hail from Virginia and W. Virginia (though they may have picked it up elsewhere in their movings about). Miriam Meyers/Metropolitan State University/Mpls-St. Paul >Of the 23 students (juniors and seniors) in my Introduction to >Linguistics class at Auburn, only 1--a 24-year-old female from >Jacksonville, Florida (parents from Iowa and South Dakota)--was familiar >with 'old maid' in this context. > >Cynthia Bernstein >Dept. of English >Auburn University, AL 36849-5203 > >On Fri, 5 Jan 1996, Joan Hall wrote: > >> DARE's anecdotal evidence suggests that the term 'old maid,' for an unpopped >> kernel of popcorn, is chiefly North and North Midland. But we didn't ask >> this on our Questionnaire, so we don't have nationwide coverage. Are you >> familiar with this term? If so, when and where? Thanks in advance. >> >> Joan Hall >> Miriam Meyers Metropolitan State University mmeyers[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]