Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 14:52:39 -0500 From: Jerry Miller Subject: Help! (R.E.M. lyrics) The inhabitants of this list seem to have, in addition to an insatiable hunger to know the quirks of dialect, a significant interest (and memory of) song lyrics. So, I am hoping someone out there can help me fill in the blank in an R.E.M. song that I plan to use in one of my classes. About halfway through "Losing My Religion" comes this verse, which, though I've listened to it 122 times (well, maybe not quite that many) I cannot decipher completely (the blank is the main problem, but some of the rest of it may be a little off, too?): "Consider this, consider this, ___________ of the century. "Consider this, the slip that brought me to my knees, fail. "What if all these fantasies come flailing the ground?" Anyone who can fill in (and/or correct) this for me will be my friend for life. I won't even ask what it's supposed to mean, though I AM curious (and too old to get it, I guess). Jerry Miller Pulliam School of Journalism Franklin College (Ind.) millerj[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]