Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 11:20:49 CDT From: Randy Roberts Subject: Re[2]: Various I replied to Joan that old maid is a familiar term for me going back at least 30 years in eastern Kansas. Another term that is used for an unpopped kernel is "cull". Randy Roberts robertsr[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________ Subject: Re: Various Author: American Dialect Society at internet-ext Date: 1/8/96 10:17 AM On Sun, 7 Jan 1996, Natalie Maynor wrote: > > I don't remember having occasion to call it anything, but I guess I'd say > "unpopped kernels." I can't recall ever hearing of them called anything but "unpopped kernels". Allen maberry[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]