Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 12:49:44 EST From: mai Subject: Re: new word? >>I have recently heard a word I presume to be Black English, though >>reported by a white. Does anyone know the derivation/etymology >>or even the meaning of the following : huji/hoojie? It is supposed >>to refer to whites. >I have heard it as short for whojamathing (something like whatwhamacallit), >but not >in the context to which you are referring. What is the context or sentence >in which it was used? Uh, it's mildly offensive, but someone wearing a Confederate cap said the following to a brother of an NFL football player, "Have a very hoojie Christmas" Said brother threw the hat in the fire and threw the wellwisher through a window. Because of this I presume he took offense! :-) This is a term I did not know and except for the response on this list, no one I've asked had a clue. I think I need a list of words not to say. The only trouble is it seems new ones are being invented all the time! Mark Ingram maingr01[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]