Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 09:03:05 -0800 From: Dan Moonhawk Alford Subject: Re: And The Winners Are... Gosh. I've been using 'going postal' out here in California for about a year and a half in my Intro classes. Fortunately (or not) I haven't been made aware that I had any postal employees in my classes. Of course, it would have been interesting to find out how postal employees feel about the phrase, which kinda labels the whole barrel for a few bad apples who bring a gun to work and go berserk. Almost all of my students in each class had heard the phrase before when I mentioned it. On Wed, 3 Jan 1996, Beth Lee Simon wrote: > Did I miss the citations or "I've heard it" attestations for "going postal". > Who has it, or where? When? > > beth >