Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 19:11:02 -0400 From: "Bethany Dumas, UTK" Subject: Nominee: 1996 WOTY from another list: >From the Oakland Tribune business section, Sunday 12/31/95. Page D-1, column 1 - the Money TALKS column. "Can you say outsourcing? If you're not outsourcing, you're not part of the "in" crowd. Outsourcing, the term for sending a business function to an outside firm, seems to be getting as trendy as the Internet, according to a year-long international study by Arthur Andersen and The Economist Intelligence Unit. The study finds that 93 percent of the corporations surveyed plan to outsource in the next three years and the nine out of ten who now outsource are satisfied with the results. The study was based on interviews with 50 global organizations plus a survey of 303 senior executives throughout North American and Europe." Bethany