Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 20:56:10 -0600 From: "DICK HEABERLIN, ENGLISH DEPARTMENT, SOUTHWEST TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY" Subject: Re: hmm.. what's cajun English, then? Dick Heaberlin English Dept. SWTSU San Marcos, Texas 78666 Listen Y'all, I haven't made a study of Cajun English in Southeast Texas (But it would be interesting.) All I can assert is that the expressions "buku" and "bukuz of" were, in the forties and early fifties, common expressions by both those who were undoubtedly anglo and those recently from Louisiana many of whom could and did regularly speak French. When I took French in college, I learned the phrase "beaucoup de" and assumed that "bukuz" was an English speaker's version. Orange was a Navy town, and the phrase may have arrived in East Texas from the military connection. But I think the Louisiana source is much more likely. I never hear the phrase in central Texas. I wonder if it is still part of Southeast Texas English.