Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 16:32:21 EST From: Wayne Glowka Subject: Re: "and them" >On Mon, 30 Jan 1995, Donald M. Lance wrote: > >> Alice Faber mentioned the Texas locution "mom an' 'em". It would be >> "mom an' nem" with regressive assimilation of 'th-'. Yes, she's not >> making it up. The "them"/"nem" would be semi-definite. DMLance > >Every year in the local (Austin Texas) Gridiron Show, in which >journalists spoof Texas politicians, the Ann Richards character would >open her speech in a flawlessly Richardsian manner: "Hah! (pause) Haow yew? >(pause) Haow's y'mom en' nem?" > >This always got a laugh because it's such classic Texas-ese. I've picked >up the locution myself--it's oddly handy. > >Kate Catmull kate[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Oddly handy!? T'ain't nothin' odd about it a-tall. I use it every day. Thought ever-body did. With caliche still under my nails and prickly pear still in my socks, Wayne Glowka Professor of English Director of Research and Graduate Student Services Georgia College Milledgeville, GA 31061 912-453-4222 wglowka[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] BITNET Address: Wglowka[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]USCN