End of ADS-L Digest - 28 Jan 1995 to 29 Jan 1995 ************************************************ There are 20 messages totalling 411 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. "and them" (8) 2. Cajun: mixing markers 3. Boston accent (5) 4. /buku/ (2) 5. "What kind of coke do you want?" 6. need for software 7. Tidbits 8. "bookoo" ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 00:04:45 -0500 From: ALICE FABER Subject: "and them" Several posters on yesterday's ADS-L digest mentioned non-specific ??? words (??? not to call them question words, but because I'm not at all sure what word class to put these in) "and dem" and "mamanem" (which I assume, Ellen, is "mom an' 'em"). Peter Patrick related the "and dem" form to something in Jamaican or perhaps more general Caribbean creole. But I can't help thinking of a fairly common locution in Texas some 15-20 years ago (my last opportunity for direct observation), which I think is probably related to Ellen's "mamanem"--"and them", typically in "How's your Mom and them?", used quite unselfconsciously by native Texas (Anglo) classmates of mine. Alice Faber Faber[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]Haskins.yale.edu