Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 11:16:06 -0600 From: "DICK HEABERLIN, ENGLISH DEPARTMENT, SOUTHWEST TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY" Subject: Re: 2 pl From: Dick Heaberlin, dh12[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] English Department Southwest Texas State University San Marcos, Texas 78666 ll Subject: All of y'all guys' comments I'm from Southeast Texas-- Orange, Texas--cajun country, where there are bukuz of us who, in the fifties, used _ Y'all_ for the plural, and some few who used _all of you_ for the plural. Still fewer were occasionally heard to say _all of y'all_ and _all of y'all's_. I occasionally here it hear in central Texas, and I did once hear _all of Y'all guys'_ --a triple plural possessive.