Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 10:53:41 EST From: Boyd Davis Subject: Re: 2 pl on shifting to 'you guys' -- I've noticed that, over the last few years, as our department deliberately recruited from out of the region, I've shifted to generic 'you guys' in order to accomodate them. Most of these faculty have been from the midwest, and had difficulty handling either y'all or youall at first. Now, however, they happily (and unconsciously) use youall/y'all all unawares, just as I find myself using you guys. Natalie, over the next few weeks, I'll listen for when any of us shift and for whether I pick up any differences between y'all and youall when used. (originally I am from Dennis' region, and agree with his analysis, so you may want to cite this as Collective Faulty Memory)