Date: Mon, 23 Jan 1995 17:24:42 -0600 From: "Jeffrey H. Allen AXIS CONTRACT" Subject: TV and dialect Just a response to Tim Frazer's statement "I assume that TV has little effect on dialect cause it's all one-way; it's not (yet) an interactive medium". I agree that TV is far from being interactive, but it is influencial. Much depends on the varieties that we call dialects in the statement. It is interesting to see in the Caribbean the influence that American TV has had on the French creole spoken in St. Lucia where British English has prevailed as the official language of the country. Loanwords, especially in the area of new technology, (ie kompyouta) are entering into the French Creole. Now turning Stateside, if we were to consider Louisiana French Creole and the Cajun French varieties as competing dialects with English, TV has had a profound effect of English loanword integration into these non-lexically related dialects. It would also be interesting to investigate a diachronic survey of mass media influence of American English upon Gullah English creole spoken on the islands of the coast of Georgia. Salikoko Mufwene at the University of Chicago has done a lot of work on Gullah. He may have some comments on the acrolect affecting the basilectal and mesolectal Creole varieties via mass media. Jeff Allen CTE/AMT project Bldg AD180, Caterpillar Inc 600 W. Washington St. Peoria, IL 61630 e-mail: allenjh[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] OR jhallen[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]