Date: Sun, 22 Jan 1995 10:45:36 -0800 From: Scott Schwenter Subject: Re: 2nd pl. > I'm dying to know what >happens to these forms, (y'all, youse, you guys) in the possessive. > > Y'all's doesn't sound too bad to me, but youse's offends the >ear and I'm not that crazy about you guys's either. I think I would >know if I had heard these forms before, but maybe there's something >crucial I'm missing... > >Claudio R. Salvucci >csalvucci[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] It seems to me that the possessive for you guys is doubly (or triply?) marked: your guys's [gaizez]. Not marking possession on you sounds very strange to my ear. The only 2pl. form I ever use and the one I considered "standard" growing up in Michigan was you guys. My sisters used it all the time to refer to their groups of all-female friends. Scott Schwenter