Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 18:26:58 -0500 From: Claudio Salvucci Subject: Re: TV and dialect What is TV (and I'll broaden the question to include other forms of mass media: radio, recorded media, etc.) doing to dialects? I would have thought that American dialects didn't have a prayer, but Labov points out that the studies done since the advent of mass media show that sound change is continuing vigorously in many areas. Kinda reassuring, isn't it? (see Labov, _The Social Origins of Sound Change_, in _Locating Language in Time and Space_) This is, I think, a fascinating question, mostly because this phenomenon of mass media is so new to the world. Any of yas have some thoughts on this? Claudio R. Salvucci csalvucci[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]