Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 12:07:12 -0800 From: bucholtz[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU Subject: Re: 2 pl On Fri, 20 Jan 1995, Ellen Fennell wrote: > The key word there is adolescent. > ---------- > From: ADS-L > To: Multiple recipients of list ADS-L > Subject: Re: 2 pl > Date: Thursday, January 19, 1995 9:13PM > > I want to second whoever it was that noted that a waitress would not say > "you guys" in a posh restaurant. > > On Dennis' note about sexism: Some may find it sexist, but for years > I've heard groups of adolescent and college women call each other "you > guys." > I think. Do I imagine that? > > Tim > As a committed feminist and a postadolescent, I have to mention that I use "you guys" with female addressees and referents. "Guy" is gendered, in my idiolect, but "you guys" has no gender connotations. This seems to be true of speakers of all ages in my hometown (in NW Indiana), including my mother, who is not and never has been an adolescent. Best, Mary Bucholtz Department of Linguistics University of California, Berkeley bucholtz[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]