Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 11:46:10 -0800 From: David Harnick-Shapiro Subject: Re: Put Downs Seemed a propos: a self-proclaimed canonical list of such putdowns was recently posted to the rec.humor Usenet newsgroup. I won't give the whole thing (I didn't read it, why should you want to? :-), but here is the intro from his post: : The following is posted monthly. I do not keep up with this newsgroup, : so send me mail if you have contributions or corrections. Please send : me only net changes you desire, not enormous dumps of largely redundant : material to wade through. You can also (allegedly) ftp this and other : lists from, which is a DOS system (use "dir" not "ls"). : Also check this URL: : : Email requests for copies of this file will be cheerfully ignored. : If you are reading this, you have a copy in front of you... : : : CANONICAL LIST OF FULLDECKISMS : : : Maintained by Alan Silverstein, ajs[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] : Last update: 941219 : Total entries: 819 : : A compendium of insults and "not all there" comments from : various sources, beginning with rec.humor, April 1987. : : Criteria: Humorousness; uniqueness of essence (minimize : redundancy); brevity; consistency; avoid gender bias, ethnic : slurs, and other really offensive material; keep in sorted : order with correct spelling and grammar. (I'm rather taken with the name "fulldeckism".) -------- David Harnick-Shapiro Internet: david[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Information and Computer Science UUCP: ...!{ucbvax,zardoz}!ucivax!david University of California, Irvine