Date: Wed, 11 Jan 1995 18:17:00 EST From: Brad Grissom Subject: German WOTY Here's what the Society for German Language (GfdS) chose as its Word of the Year: Superwahljahr 'super election year', in reference to the record ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ number of local, federal, EU votes 2. place: Jackpot to celebrate the weeks-long Lottofieber ('lottery ^^^^^^^ fever') of the summer These are not explained, but I will ask someone tomorrow: 3. Unwort literally, 'un-word' 4. Osterweiterung 'continued progress in the East' ? 5. Filosofie obviously, a play on 'philosophy' and Filo (?) Source: Deutschland Nachrichten, 6. Jan. 95 Brad Grissom bgrissom[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]