Date: Mon, 9 Jan 1995 17:31:53 CST From: Mike Picone Subject: Re: Euphonizing (?) proper names Concerning Brett Favre, pronounced `farv', I don't know if it is a case of metathesis or not. In many new world dialects of French, the syllable final -re is never pronounced: the leading Cajun filmmaker, for example, Glenn Pitre ("Belizaire le Cajun"), pronounces his last name `pete'. This is pretty much the case everywhere in Louisiana, as far as I know. That still dosn't explain the `r', however. But there is also a lot of intrusive -r- out there. In other cases, like that of Isiah Thomas, it's probably just a case of nonstandard spelling. There's a lot of that here in the South. Our departmental secretary, for example, spells her name Earnestine. On humoristic `euphonism': As most everyone probably knows already, a very inventive use of names figures in Car Talk's credits. My all-time favorite is the firm cited for legal consultations: Dewey, Cheatum & Howe. Mike Picone University of Alabama MPICONE[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UA1VM.UA.EDU