Date: Mon, 31 Jan 1994 11:38:00 CST From: "Tom M." Subject: Re: ADS-L Digest - 26 Jan 1994 to 27 Jan 1994 Don, About your query regarding people who wait on others in restaurants: In Manhat tan, KS, as also in Topeka and Kansas City, I'm hearing SERVER more and more (f or both of your test sentences)--the result, no doubt, of all the interest in P C and bias-free language. We heard the same thing (SERVER) in the Black Hills of South Dakota this past summer, too, and in northern New Mexico the year befo re that. (In really cheap places, of course, like roadside diners, the person who seats you usually says something like "Here's a menu; [NAME] will be right with you"; and when the server arrives, he/she says, "Hi, my name is [_____]. Are you ready to order?"