Date: Mon, 24 Jan 1994 21:56:59 EST From: Allan Metcalf Subject: Tamony lecture April 21 Randy Roberts may have announced this, but just in case, here is an item from the forthcoming ADS newsletter: John Baugh, ADS president and professor of education, linguistics and anthropology at Stanford, will present the ninth annual Peter Tamony Memorial Lecture on American Language at the University of Missouri, Columbia at 3:45 p.m. Thursday, April 21. "The Evolution of African Ameri can English and Its Educational Consequences" will be his topic. The talk will be held, as always, in Ellis Library, home of the vast files on slang and colloquialisms collected by Tamony in San Francisco during his long life. The collection will be on display at the reception that follows the talk. For further information phone Nancy Lankford or Randy Roberts at (314) 882-6028 or write Western Historical Manuscript Collection, 23 Ellis Library, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia MO 65201. NOTE: Apologies for the erratic spaces that seem to continue to appear in my messages. I am using the America Online m ail sending system & haven't yet figured out how to avoid the spaces. Short lines don't seem to help. - Allan