Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 14:03:00 CDT From: Beth Lee Simon Subject: wake--past ppl Dennis and others, Here are the responses to DARE Qu. OO32b ("Every night this week, I've____") 460 Infs responded with woke up. (Personally, I think the "'ve" went by the board, but...) It's widespread, and the stats aren't interesting. 90 Infs responded with "waked up". They are chiefly southeast and Texas and, and this is somehwat interesting, 44 of the 90 are college educated. 47 Infs responded with "wakened". They are scattered except there is only 1 of the 47 in the South, and in general, they are much less frequ Sth, South Midland. 44 Infs say "woke"--these are scattered, but they are less frequent in the NorthEast and Great Lakes regions. 33 of the 44 are old, and 12 of them have a grade school education or less. 14 Infs responded with "waked". 10 of these are in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas. 7 of them are college educated; 11 of them are women. 9 Infs "wakened up". They too are scattered, except for NEngl, the southeast, and the Inland South. Finally, 8 infs "woken"; 4 of the 8 are grade school educated or less. 3 of them are in Missouri, 3 in Mississippi, 1 in TN, and 1 out in New Jersey. beth simon DARE blsimon[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]