Date: Wed, 19 Jan 1994 12:13:00 CDT From: Beth Lee Simon Subject: Re: wake Here is the DARE data: 1. Responses to Question X42, "What other ways do you have to say, "I stopped sleeping at 6 o'clock"? 690 Infs "woke up". And while this is widespread throughout the U.S., there are a few interesting holes, in central Pennsylvania, southern Indiana and southern Ohio, for instance. 64 Infs "woke"--they are widely scattered, and the social stats for them are not interesting. 50 Infs "waked up". These Infs are chiefly southeast and Texas. (What is odd, though, is that we have no informants with this response in Louisiana, the majority are around there.) 39 of these informants are old; 1 is young. 19 of them have a grade school education or less. 10 Infs "waked"--and they are loosely scattered. 8 of the 10 are old, the other two are over 50. 9 of the 10 are women. If you batch the "waked up" Infs with the "waked", you have a rather strong age stat. 1 Inf, a man from North Carolina who is old, rural, who did not finish grade school, responded with "I woken." 2. Responses to Qu. OO32, "Every night this week, I've" were 6 Infs "waked". 4 of these are in North Carolina, 1 in east Georgia, and 1 in new Mexico. 5 Infs "waked up"--and they are not grouped at all. 1 inf, man in nortwestern Mississippi, rural with a grade school education says "woken." beth simon DARE blsimon[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]