Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 11:25:57 -0500


Subject: FINDMAIL is archiving mailing lists without permission

This is extracted from a regular internal posting of my ISP, (Software Tool &

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apologize for posting it to the entire list, but I don't know who is the list maintainer. I will send

them the entire article by

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TODAY on The WORLD Vol. 4 #002 Friday, January 02, 1998


TIP: FindMail may be archiving your mailing list email

[...] FindMail is a (currently)

free service that archives mailing list mail. In the past they have

asked list owners if they may subscribe to the list in order to

archive it, but now list owners are reporting FindMail is subscribing

and archiving without asking permission from the owner.

If you are the owner of a mailing list, you should check your list of

members to see if is subscribed. If they are, your list

is being archived. Remove them from the list if you do not wish this

archiving to happen.


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